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Joint Mixture Joint Mixture Joint Mixture Joint Mixture Joint Mixture

Joint Mixture

  • Anti-aging
  • Waterproof
  • No peeling off
  • Applicable to various tiles
  • Product description: Waterproof Joint Mixture for multipurposes and applicable to various tiles

joint Mixture

1.    Introduction

Kam Chung joint mixture is widely used for filling gaps and joints of wall tile, floor tile, brick, stone block etc. It has many colors and is good against water, sunlight, and heat, thus no need to worry about aging and weathering problems. Because of so many advantages, this tile grout is highly appreciated and has been applied to many big projects.

           KC-J1 (not squeezable type)                               KC-J2 (squeezable type)

2.    Application

With so many advantages, Kam Chung joint mixture has been used for filling gaps of indoor and outdoor wall tiles, stone panels, floor tiles, square bricks and plaza stones. It is applicable to most buildings, no matter high rise mansions or special structures like hospitals, stadiums, workshop and plaza. In a word, it is an all-purpose and outstanding filling material for all sorts of tiles.

                                 (joint mixture for floor tie and mosaic)

3.    Specifications

Drying time

24 hours



Sunlight proof





None toxic

Non- combustibility

Class A

Mixing Ratio

(water : joint mixture)

6.5: 25



Validity Period

18 months (in shady and cool place)

Extrusion Ability

Not squeezable type (KC-J1), cannot be operated with a glass glue gun

Squeezable type (KC-J2), can be worked with a glass glue gun

4.    Advantages

(1). Anti-aging

(2). Waterproof

(3). No peeling off

(4). Easy operation

(5). Non-combustible

(6). Environment-friendly

(7). Applicable to various tiles

(8). No pollution and less garbage

                                            (joint Mixture for wall tile)

5.    Instructions for Use

(1). Before processing, make sure tile adhesive has completely dried out and tiles are firmly fixed.

(2). Mix Kam Chung joint mixture powder and water in 25 : 6.5 proportion (approximately 6.5 liters of water for 25kg of powder).  Stir it well and make it in paste state. Motor stirrer is preferable.

        (processing with a pointing trowel)

(3). Normally gaps are between 2 and 15mm wide. Clean them up and make sure no debris or water left inside. As for materials with water permeability, such as terracotta brick, operators can first wet the gaps between them for better bonding.

(4). Use of professional pointing method or specific rubber pointing trowel is recommended so as to make the mixture firmly pressed in gaps. Decrease on hardness could be avoided by that way.

(5). Tile surface could be cleaned by moist cloth or sponge 20 minutes after pointing. And final cleaning could be done when joint mixture completely dries out.

(6). If there is any hole or bubble spotted, fix it with pointing trowel.

(7). Powder mixed with water should be used up within 3 hours. If project takes place at high temperature condition and moisture dries out too fast, supplement of water and remixing could make it usable again. But if mixture is starting to harden, it cannot be used anymore.

        (processing with a glass glue gun)

(8). For some materials, such as unglazed tile and granite block, it is not easy to clean up the joint mixture on the surface. Weak oxalic acid or tile detergent could help to do this.

(9). When it is raining or below 3 degrees centigrade, do not proceed the installation.